The Council Fellows program makes an enduring impact on its graduates.

Fellows alumni at the 2017 Fellows Summit
Fellows alumni at the 2017 Fellows Summit

Each graduating class joins a distinguished group of alumni leading health care organizations of all size and sectors.

Following the program, Council Fellows maintain strong connections far beyond their time in the classroom through the Council Fellows Alumni Association – building on the momentum of collaboration to shape the future of health care.

Council Fellows Alumni

Council Fellows alumni lead health care organizations of all size and sectors. Council Fellows alumni include:

  • Mitch Edgeworth, Chief Administrative Officer, Southern TriStar Division, HCA
  • Rusty Holman, M.D., CMO, Lifepoint
  • Harsh Trivedi, President and CEO, Sheppard Pratt Health System
  • Devin Carty, CEO, Martin Ventures
  • Kyle Wailes, CFO, SmileDirectClub
  • Sam Weinstein, CEO, SpecialtyCare
  • Steve Flatt, CEO, National HealthCare Corporation
  • Mike Cuffe, President and CEO, Physician Services, HCA Healthcare
  • Saurabh Sinha, CEO and Founder, emids
  • Bill Rutherford, CFO, HCA Healthcare
  • David Duckworth, CFO, Acadia Healthcare
  • Shawn Morris, CEO, Privia Health
  • Diane Seloff, COO, Aspire Health
  • Phillip Clendenin, President, Ambulatory Services, Envision Healthcare
  • Elizabeth Bierbower, President, Group Segment, Humana
  • J.R. Greene, CEO, Psychiatric Medical Care
  • Darin Gordon, former Director, TennCare
  • Lisa Piercey, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Health
  • Marty Bonick, CEO, PhyMed Healthcare Group
  • Mark Watkins, M.D., CMO, Kroger Health
  • Martha Thorne, General Manager, Value Based Care, IBM Watson
  • Greg Allen, President, Cigna MidSouth
  • Mark Harris, Founder, Concert Genetics
  • Michael Dal Bello, Investment Partner, Healthcare, Pritzker Group
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